Principal’s Message

Textile Institute Natore was established in 2010. The project was approved by the government in October 2010. The Textile Institute Natore is basically a Technical educational and Practical Experiment Orientation Institute, Provide instruction in Engineering, Technology and Technical knowledge. It is being run by the Department of Textiles under the Ministry of Textile and Jute. The project will be completed in the month of June 2019. The Institute is located in Harishpur bypass at Natore city. The students are admitted according to the decision of admission committee of the Department of Textile, the Teletalk’s online admission rules are applied, after publishing their merit list the students are admitted. The Students are taught 4-years diploma in Textile Engineering courses through 4 departs namely, Yarn Manufacturing department, Fabric Manufacturing department, Wet Processing department and Garments Manufacturing department. Here, there are about 500 students studying in Diploma in Textile Engineering course with skilled technical and non-technical teachers. To provide technical education to the students, there are various types of departmental textile labs that enable students to gain knowledge in technical education. At the end of the education program, a student will be skilled textile technology knowledge and a diploma engineer will directly support industrial production, in the quality product of textiles, improve product quality & productivity, and produce new textile products and they will be able to continue maximum export Foreign Currency earning sector of the country (about 78 percent) , the trend of earning the currency and this trend will be increasing day by day in future, By doing this, will keep the financial wheel of the country in motion.